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Focus- Written by Michelle Beazer


Do you ever feel like you are trying to juggle too many roles at once? I sure do!

Recently in a FaceBook group I belong, a challenge was put out to come up with a single word to define your personal growth goal for the year 2018.

I chose “Focus” to be my personal growth word. I want to fully partake of each of the flowers in the bouquet God had given me.

Like everyone else I am a person juggling many roles in this life.I am a Mother

  • I am a Grandmother
  • I am a teacher
  • I am a provider
  • I am a business partner
  • I am an employee
  • I am a friend
  • I am a Church member
  • I am a Sunday school teacher

I am a helper  This week I had an opportunity to try out my word. If I had not been thinking of “Focus” I may have missed the opportunity to help these precious little girls learn a much more important lesson than sewing.

I chose the Grandmother flower and told the little one “Sure you can learn, but you have to start with the same project your sister did”. Then I told the kids I needed to go make dinner. I asked the older girl to help me. While we were in the kitchen she was able to tell me how she felt her sister was “butting in” on her Nanny time. Which I was able to turnaround to “Isn’t it wonderful how you have inspired your sister to want to learn to sew because you are working so hard on your projects?”

My little granddaughter turned 10 near the end of November. For her birthday her mother asked if I could give her daughter (my granddaughter) sewing lessons. During this weeks lesson, her little 6 year old sister asked to learn to sew also. At first the older girl was a bit upset and said her sister is too young and the lessons are a Birthday present. I thought about my word, Focus. How can I use it in this situation? Which flower am I at right in this moment? Teacher or Grandmother? The teacher flower would mean Focus on sewing project. The Grandmother flower would mean Focus on the relationship and character building.

All of these roles are like beautiful flowers in my life. I am like a butterfly or a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower to taste them all. Giving each a snippet of my time but rarely truly drinking in the full measure of beauty each flower can give.